Hoof SPA 125 ml

Hoof Spa 125 ml

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Hoof gel

Ideal for everyday care! EQUIVIDA PERFECT! HOOF SPA GEL is free of petrochemical products and silicone. Instead vegetable oils such as laurel and almond oil, combined with cod liver oil nourish the hoof. Copoasu butter acts naturally against germs, and vitamin E stimulates horn growth. Beeswax moisturises the hoof, giving it a lasting shine without interfering with its natural regulation mechanisms. EQUIVIDA PERFECT! HOOF SPA GEL is easy to apply and keeps the same consistency in most temperatures (no dripping).

Application: Apply thinly on the entire hoof. Daily use. We recommend application before washing or working the horse.
For external use and for animals only. Keep out of reach of children.

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