Hoof Silver Protect 250 ml

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Sole & frog balm

Long lasting, soothing protection. Conceived to protect the frog and heel bulbs this balm adheres well even on a wet hoof.

It completely covers the frog to stop dirt penetrating, both in the stable and outside. The micro-silver and extracts of cistus prevent germs, while Copuasu butter, lanolin and cod liver oil coat the hoof giving it another ‘skin’. Extracts of comfrey, witch-hazel and yarrow guarantee a healthy and active hoof interior. Vitamine E and allantoin help to reconstruct the damaged hoof while depanthenol and zinc oxide soothe any irritated areas. It has excellent adhesion, even on wet hooves, for a long lasting effect, and it keeps its soft consistency whatever the temperature.

Application: Apply a thick layer onto the cleaned frog before putting the horse back into its stable. For optimum results use 3 times a week or every day if necessary. For external use and for animals only. Keep out of reach of children.

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