Passionate about horses and concerned about the environment

Bernadette BruneShe has been riding since she was three years old and is now a professional rider, well known in the international equestrian world.

Over more than twenty years, Bernadette Brune has accumulated and developed a large network of riders, owners, breeders and dealers across Europe. A passionate horsewoman, Bernadette is also, like many riders, concerned about the environment and preserving nature.

Well being

I want to combine good health with protecting the environment.
How about developing new products that don’t yet exist on the market?
Effective compositions that smell good and care for our horses?

After consulting a chemical engineer who specialises in natural products, Bernadette Brune decided to launch her own range of natural care products for horses.

A shampoo that not only cleans deeply, but also keeps the dust off for 3 days, can you do that?
A long lasting hoof cream that smells good, is that possible?
Efficient products that don’t irritate and have a neutral PH, is that feasible?

The challenge is launched. October 2012, Equivida Horse Balance is born!

Horse care has never been so pleasant!

Conceived and tested by riders, grooms, vets, and farriers, Equivida Horse Balance is a range of natural horse care products that look after our horses and respect the environment. Gentle but efficient products, delicate colours and flowery perfumes...

Good and Healthy

Shampoos for the coat, conditioners for manes and tails and oils for the hooves: all biodegradable and preservative, silicone and paraffin free! Our products contain vegetable oils such as broccoli or cuckoo flower oils. The result? Manes and tails with more body, well protected hooves and frogs, shiny coats.... the riders are thrilled! Equivida Horse Balance is a subtle combination of effective formulas and delicious perfumes created by the specialists in Grasse.

Zero Petrol

No more products based on petrochemical ingredients such as paraffin! No more creams and lotions that block the natural regulation mechanisms of the hooves and skin! Just the gentle, natural efficiency of waxes and vegetable oils such as Copuasu butter, bay leaf oil or cocoa butter! Just like Michel Robert, Edwina Alexander, Daniel Deusser, Roger Yves Bost and Edward Gal, all top level competitors, once you’ve tested our products you’ll never look back!

EQUIVIDA Horse Balance respects two important criteria: health and the environment. The range has been tested by numerous vets, and in some of the largest equestrian institutions in Europe such as the Oldenbourg sale yard in Vechta, the Equicare fitness centre, the Domaine Equestre des Grands Pins (more than 350 competitive horses), as well as by famous riders such as Michel Robert, Edwina Alexander and Edward Gal.